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Nail Technician

Welcome to the exciting world of nail artistry at S&S Salon & Academy! Our Nail Technician Course is a comprehensive program designed to hone your skills and transform your passion for nails into a thriving career. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional seeking to expand your expertise, our four-week course covers a diverse range of nail techniques and artistry.

Nail Technician Course Highlights:

Course Duration: Embark on a transformative four-week journey, delving into the intricate world of nail technology. Our program covers a comprehensive range of nail techniques and artistry to ensure you become a well-rounded and skilled nail technician.

Fees: Invest in your passion for nails with a competitive course fee of 40,000/-. We believe in making quality education accessible, ensuring you receive exceptional value for your investment in your nail artistry career.

Course Modules:

  • Dry Manicure: Master the essential steps of dry manicure, including nail shaping, filing, and buffing.

  • Cutting and Fileing: Learn precise cutting and filing techniques to create the perfect nail shape.

  • Nail Polish Application: Acquire skills in flawless nail polish application for a polished finish.

  • Nail Art: Explore the world of creative nail artistry, from simple designs to intricate patterns.

  • Nail Extension Techniques: Dive into various nail extension methods, including acrylic, gel, inbuilt, and glitter applications.

  • Refilling and Extension Removal: Understand the process of refilling existing extensions and safely removing extensions when needed.

  • Overlay Techniques: Learn how to create beautiful overlays for natural nails, enhancing their strength and appearance.

  • French Nail Art: Master the classic and timeless French nail art technique.

Why Choose S&S Salon & Academy:

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from industry professionals with extensive experience in nail technology and artistry.

  • Hands-On Training: Practice and perfect your skills through hands-on training sessions, ensuring you gain practical experience and confidence in performing various nail techniques.

  • Small Class Sizes: Enjoy a personalized learning experience with small class sizes, allowing for individualized attention and focused coaching.

  • Modern Facilities: Train in a contemporary and well-equipped facility with the latest tools and technology, providing you with a salon-like experience.

  • Certificate of Completion: Upon successfully completing the Nail Technician Course, receive a certificate that validates your expertise and prepares you for a successful career as a nail technician.

Transform your passion for nails into a flourishing career. Enroll in our Nail Technician Course at S&S Salon & Academy and open the door to a world of creative possibilities. Your journey to becoming a skilled and versatile nail technician starts here!